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Yemen in Brief

Administration Division

The administrative units of the Republic of Yemen consist of 19 Governates and the capital secretariat, the city of Sana'a. Each Governate is composed of a number of' districts and centers, the Governates are as follows: Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Hudaidah, Hadhramout, Sa'da, Al .Jouf. Marib, 'Shabwa, Abyan, Dhamar, Ibb, Lahj, Mahweet, Al-Mahara, Al-Baydha, Hajja, Amran, Al-Dhalia 

The National Flag 

The flag of the Republic of Yemen is rectangular in shape, its width is one third of its length, divided into three equal-dimensioned rectangles, of red, white, and black colors consecutively from top to bottom.

The National Emblem

The Emblem of Yemen is represented by a falcon unfolding both wings on the national flag and supported by a base on which the country's name "The Republic of Yemen" appears. There is a drawing on its chest depicting the Marib Dam and a coffee tree branch which constitute major symbols of Yemen

Political Principles of  The State

The political system is based on the principle of separation between the branches of government The people are the holders and source of power, exercising it directly through referendum  and general election, and indirectly by means of Legislative, executive and judicial authorities, and through local elected councils. The system is also based on the multi-party political system which allows the  peaceful transfer of power.

As for the country's foreign policy, the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen confirms that the policy should be in line with the Charter of the United Nations, Human Rights, Covenant of the Arab league and international law. The Republic of Yemen endeavors to strengthen friendly links and cooperation with all peace loving states and nations on the basis of mutual respect

General Information
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