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Yemen in Brief


The Republic of Yemen has adopted an economic policy based on free economics. The market  mechanism  en the private sector giving it a major role in the development of' the country's economy. The economic policy ensures private ownership which cannot be forfeited except for public interest and then with fair compensation. The investment law has created many investment opportunities and provided incentive to local and foreign investment in all aspects of the economy.

Traditional Industries and Handicrafts

There are many traditional industries and handicrafts in Yemen which have been handed down throughout the generations. Such industries and handicrafts are characterized by their beauty and attractiveness, particularly those associated with architecture, ornaments and decoration, traditional weapons, clothes and garments, earthenware and stoneware, leather products, and tools and materials  made of palm fiber and leaves, etc. Handicrafts centers exist throughout the Republic and such products can be sampled in the traditional markets of many cities and at the weekly markets called 'Souks'.


The visitor can get entry visa to the Republic of Yemen from the Yemeni Embassy or Consulate in his country and payment of a minimal Consular fee. Prospective visitors from countries with  which Yemen has no diplomatic or consular representation, an extendible 96 hour transit visa from the port of entry can be obtained. Upon arrival, the visitor is given one month residence permit.  There is no need to register at police stations or to apply for an exit visa during the scheduled one month period. All travelers have to pay an airport departure tax. This applies to Yemen nationals and visitors alike.

General Information
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