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Yemen in Brief

Ports of Entry

Visitors can enter Yemen via its airports, i.e., Sana'a, Aden, Rayan and Taiz International Air- ports.

By Sea: through the sea ports, i.e., Hudaidah port, Mokha port on the Red Sea, port of Aden on the Gulf of Aden, Mukalla and Nashton ports on the Arab Sea.

By land: Yemen has three land entry ports: two in the north: Haradh and Albuqa'a entry points from Saudi Arabia. The third inlet is Habrot on the eastern border with the Sultanate of Oman


The Yemen currency is the Yemen Rial consisting of  l00 fils, it is issued in bank notes and coins. Bank notes are available in denominations of 1000, 500, 200, l00, 50, 20,10, and l Yemeni Rials. Coins come in denominations of l0, 5 and 1 Yemeni Rial.

Health Codes

An International Vaccination Certificate is required from citizens of countries which are listed in the World Health Organization (WHO), except children less than one year old.

Banking Services:

Modern and reliable Banking services are available in most cities. Major cards are available, and honored in larger hotels, and banks.


All the Yemeni land is covered by a modern Telecommunications network that provides worldwide direct access telephone calls, facsimile service, and Internet service.

Health care:

Public, and private hospitals, and pharmacies are spread around the country. Most provide around –the –clock services.

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