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Towns of North Yemen

10 days

1st day - Arrive to the airport transfer to the hotel on in hotel

2 nd day - Sightseeing tour in Sana’a
Visit the old town, Souq Al-Milh, the handicraft centres and the national museum. Overnight in Sana’a, hotel

3rd day - Full day trip to the area of Hamdan
drive to wady Dahar Kawkaban, from there a short walk down to Shibam. Then to Hababa and Thulla, 2 medieval villages.

4th day - Into the green areas of Ibb and Taiz
Cross the pass of Sumarah (2706 m), first stop at Djibla and visit Arwa-bint-Ahmed mosque and the old town. Further to Taiz, drive round the town and visit the souq. ON in Taiz, hotel (2 night). 220 km.

5th day - Taiz the “secret capital”
Visit the national museum (former palace of Imam Ahmed), the al-Ashrafiya mosque and the old town with its silver souq.

6th day - Down to the Red Sea
After a visit of wadi Dhabab and the mosque of Yafrus, ride to the Red Sea. In the afternoon, relax at the seashore. ON in a hutted camp below palm trees in al-Khokhah  On in hotel. 220 km.

7th day - Cross the Tihama
Early departure to Bait al-Faqih. On the way to the great Friday market, visit Zabid with its fort and souq. Follow Wadi Surdud upstream on a beatiful ,ountain road into Djebel Haraz until reaching Manakha. ON in Manakha, al-Askeri funduq or in Hajara funduq (2 nights). 260km

8th day - Walking trip in Djebel Haraz
From Manakha by car to Hadja, then a walk to Kahel and the pilgrim’s sanctuary of al-Hoteib (about 4 hours). After a picnic on a terrace field, back to Manakha or Hadjara.

9th day - Into the empire of Queen Saba
Drive to Marib to visit the old and the new dams. ON in Marib,hotel. 240 km.

10th day - Back to Sana’a
In the morning, visit the ancient temples and old Marib. On the way back, visit of Wadi Dahr and the Imam’s palace. Afternoon, shopping in the souq of Sana’a. ON in Sana’a, hotel. 190 km.

11th day - Departure from Sana’a
Transfer to airport

Note:This program is available to change for the way directions and depend on the flight arrival and departures

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