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Towns in Yemen

22 days

1st day - Arrive to the airport transfer to the hotel on in hotel

2nd day – Tour in old sana'a City ( 2350 m) and visit the old Soug and maybe go to the museum .

3rd day – Sana'a – Marib :
Go  to Baraqish and climb up to the town with its great wall, then drive to Marib. Visit the old and the new dams, the ancient temples and Old Marib,and in the desert.

4th day – Marib – Alroba'a Alkali –Sieyoun :
Travel in the morning in the Alroba'a Alkali desert to go to Sieyoun

5th day – Sieyoun – Tarim – Shibam – Seieoun :
Go to the old mosque in  Shibam city   which have 350 old mosques and shibam called (Manhattan desert) and visit the city which have beautiful old buildings (Special style building )

6th day – Seiyoun – Wadi Doan :
Drive in to wadi Doan zone and stay there (1 night)

7th day – Wadi Doan – Mokala  :
Drive to Mokala city in the mountain volcano area and go to the sea (next to Oman Golf) and the city have beautiful building which mixed between Yemeni and India building and visit Bir Ali in  the peach

8th day – Bir Ali – Habab – Albydha :
Go to Haban and stay in the guest house in albydha city (450 km) (1 night)

9th day – Taiz – Alganad – Ibb – Jebla :
Direct to Taiz 260 km and visit Yemen Gate which have a lot of houses and farmers and go to visit Ibb and drive to Jebla ( the Capital city of Arwa Queen) and after that visit Otma mountain 210 km and the area is safe and stay there (1 night)

10th day – Otma – Bora'a :
(2 – 3 Hours) arrive to Bora'a mountain area and Almogri area and stay in Almogri three hours (Walking)

12th day – Bora'a Mountain :
Travel in to mountains to arrive to Algoran area and Azan area and visit Haraz – Rayma and go to Almogri and stay 6 hours

13th day – Arrive to the Rogab

14th day – Bora'a – Hraz – Mnakha :
Transfer to Manakha one night with Yemeni traditional music in Haraz and stay (I night)

15th day – Haraz mountain :
Beautiful place and visit Gabl area and Alhotaib which one of the ESMAILION area and continue to Shibam and visit Alhajarh which beautiful place and stay in Alhajarah hotel (1 night)

16th day – Haraz mountain – Shahroof mountain :
Arrive to Bait Alamir village  (Wonderful view )

17th day – Haraz mountain – Kamis Bani Sa'ad – Mahwait – Taoilah :
Go to Mahwait city and arrive to Kamis Bani Sa'ad and Taoilah

18th day – Taoila – Bkor – Kaokaban – Shibam - Thela :
Walking to Bkor area to arrive to Kaokaban area which is Famous place in Yemen and go to Shibam ( Old city in tha past it was called Sama Trasy and it called by another name is Shibam Himiary Ya'afor ) and visit Thela area

19th day – Thela – Shehara :
The road to north – Travel in mountains to arrive to area called Shehara which have so many beautiful things like wonderful doors

20th day – Shehara – Wadi Dhahr – Sana'a :
Come back to Sana'a and visit Amran city and visit wadi Dhahr ( Wonderful place)  and go to Dar Alhajar and stay there

21th day – Visit the old Sana'a city and walking to Sog Almelh and The yemen gate and go to the airtport and depature in the morning in 22th day .

Note:This program is available to change for the way directions and depend on the flight arrival and departures

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