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Wadi Hadramaout, the incense road & the highlands in North Yemen

22 days    

1st day - Arrive to the airport transfer to the hotel on in hotel

2st day - Sightseeing tour in Sana’a
Visit the old town, Souq Al-Milh, the handicraft centres and the national museum. Overnight in Sana’a, hotel (2 night)

3rd day - Into the empire of Queen Saba
Drive to Baraqish and climb up to the town with its great wall, then drive to Marib. Visit the old and the new dams and Old Marib. ON in Marib, hotel. 160 km.

4th day - Into the empire of Queen Saba
Visit ancient temples first, then drive into the desert Ramlat as-Sabatayn with a bedouin guide. ON in tents. 250 km.

5th day - Into Wadi Hadramaout
Continue in the desert and cross the wadi until reaching Tarim in the afternoon. On the way, stop in Shibam “the Manhattan of the desert” to visit shortly the city. ON in Seyun - hotel.

6th day
In the morning visit Tarim Seyun with al-Mihdar mosque and the family’s famous al-Qaf palaca, then visit Seyun and the great old sultan palaca, the museum, the handicraft area and the souq. In the afternoon, visit Shibam. At sunset, exceptional overview on Shibam from the slopes of the high plateau of Djol. On in seyun

7th day - Djol and Mukalla
In the morning visit Seyun and Shibam. Cross the high plateau of Djol then arrive to the Indian Ocean in the evevning. ON in Mukalla, hotel. 380 km.

8th day - The Indian Ocean
Walk around the old town of Mukalla first. Then drive along the seashores to Bir Ali, the former sea port of Hadramout. Relax at a white and endless beach. ON in tents. or in just house

9th day - Into the area of the grey mud houses
Cross the volcanic coastal landscape and Mayfa’a until reaching Habban Then cross a grandiose pass from where you have a wonderful panoramic view over the mountains until reaching Lawder and the highlands near to al-Beyda. ON in hotel

10th day - Into the green area of Ibb
Visit Rada with its great al-Ameriya mosque then cross the pass of Sumarah (2706m) where you have an overwhelming view over valleys and mountains with terrace fields. Arrive to Ibb in the end of the afternoon. ON in Ibb, hotel.

11th day - Djibla and Taiz
In the morning drive to Djibla, visit Arwa-bint-Ahmed mosque and the old town. Further to Taiz, drive around the town, visit the al-Ashrafiya mosque, the old town with its silver souq. ON in Taiz, hotel. 80 km.

12th day - Down to the Red Sea
Visit the national museum in Taiz (former palaca of Imam Achmed). Continue to wadi Dhabab to see the Sunday market and to visit the ancient Yafrus mosque. Then ride to the Red Sea. In the afternoon, relax at the seashore. ON in a hutted camp below palm trees in al-Khokhah (funduq or in hotel). 220 km.

13th day - Cross the Tihama
Visit the market in Hays, famous for its pottery. Then visit Zabid with its fort and lively souq. Further to Bait al-Faqih where you will see the weavers working in cotton-mills and silk-mills. Follow Wadi Surdud upstream on a beatiful mountain road into Djebel Haraz until reaching Manakha. Night in Manakha, funduq al-Askeri or in Hadjara, funduq. 260 km.

14th day - Walking trip in Djebel Haraz
Day trip from Hadjara to Kahel and Djbal, then to the pilgrim’s sanctuary of al-Hoteib (about 5 hours). On in tents on a terrace field with beautiful panoramic view.

15th day - Cross Wadi Sa’ra into the montains of al-Mahwit
Follow the Wadi Surdud downstream to khamis Beni Saad. Then cross the river-nid of the green wadi Sa’ra and the mountains of al-Mahwit. ON in tents near to the nice village of at-Tawilah. 140 km.

16th day - Walking trip in the highlands of Bokur
Walk from at-Tawilah across terrace fields until reaching Bokur and Zakatine, two nearly uninhabited villages at the edge of a high plateau (3200 m). Then, drive on a gravel road to Kawhaban a nice fortified village. ON in Kawkaban, funduq. 30 km.

17th day - Towns and villages in the area of Hamdan
From Kawkaban a short walk down to Shibam (about 1 hour). Then drive to the medieval villages of Thulla and Hababa. On the way back to Sana’a, visit Wadi Dahr with the palace of Imam’s family, ON in Sana’a, hotel. 65 km.

18th day - Into the North
On the way to Saada, stop in Amran to visit the old town and its mud-hoses. Then cross dark volcanic areas until reaching Saada. In the afternoon walk around the town on the old city-wall. ON in Saada,hotel(2 nights). 240 km.

20th day - Villages in Wadi Abdin
Visit the wadi with its famous wine-yards. Then visit the meolithic engravings at al-Mussat-Hafal and the castle of Sinara. 40 km.

21th day - Back to Sana’a
Back to Sana’a. In the afternoon, shopping in the souq. ON in Sana’a, hotel. 240 km.

22st day - Departure from Sana’a
Transfer to airport

Note:This program is available to change for the way directions and depend on the flight arrival and departures

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