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Yemen in Brief

Yemen : Attracts you with intact, breathtaking landscapes, with a recorded civilisation and traditions of about 3000 years, with a manifold architecture and with proud, dignified and friendly people who remain unforgettable to every visitor.

Popular tours: We offer a wide range of trips to all popular areas and sites in Yemen. These round trips guide you to the highlands of Yemen as well as to the Wadi Hadramaut and its side valleys like Wadi Doan, to the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Itineraries and fares are given on separate sheets.

Expeditions and tracking: During our expeditions f.e. into the deserts of Ramlat Assabatayn and Mahra you will be provided with full equipment like tents, sleeping-mats, hay boxes with cookers in a professional standard. Our knowledge of the country, our contacts to local bedu tribes and our skillful drivers will guarantee a exiting but save trip. Besides expeditions we offer a wide spectrum of trekking - either on foot, with donkeys or camels - in the mountains and deserts of the country. Of course you will be accompanied by experienced guides who every squaremetrer in their area. Itineraries and fares are given on separate sheet.

Special Tours: Like dhow-cruises to Soqotra, diving at the coasts of Indian Ocean and Red Sea are offered as well as academic orientated trips to archeological sites and sites of architectonical or geological interest, bird- and coast watching. Contact us for more information.

Arrangements For Individuals: All named tours can be organized for individuals as well. just pay us a visit or contact us . We book your domestic flights and hotels, arrange your transport by car or bus, provide you with an English - , French - or German - speaking guide and all information you need. just be our guest. please note that the more time to organize your arrangement we have, the more specialized your trip can be.

Accommodation: In the major and medium sized cities accommodation may be provided in hotels (1-5 stars); in the countryside we can offer traditional Yemeni hotels (funduq; traditional buildings with communal sleeping and few facilities) or camping (all equipment including tents, sleeping-mats, hay boxes with cookers).

Transport: Mostly by Toyota Land cruiser (4WD), capable of reaching any part in the country, driven by experienced men who know all the country. Mini-busses (15 or 24 seats) are recommendable for bigger groups in the former North-Yemen and on asphalted roads.

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